Other Items

Back in full swing for 2014, here's an example of working with special customers to find the "perfect tree"...
These two college girls were searching for an extra tall tree for their apartment - 16 feet to be exact! 
It's the tallest tree we've ever sold.


Tree stands that make it so easy to put up your tree that you and your spouse are still friends after the tree is up.

Disposal bags to place under your tree to make it cleaner and easier to take the tree out of the house at season's end.

Tree Watering Funnels that allow you to water your tree without having to get down on your hands and knees with a pitcher

of water, spilling some on the gifts and knocking a few ornaments off the tree.  People who have these love them, including myself.

Value Table

The Value Table has a variety of greenery to provide decorations for the table or hearth including: leaves of magnolia, cedar, and Fraser, and occasionally mistletoe.


Very dry firewood is available in $5 bundles.